Road Tripping Through Ireland With IT Luggage

When it comes to packing for a trip, especially a larger trip, I am the worst! I always overpack and try to make sure I have everything I need in every situation. IT Luggage made it easy for me to pack everything I needed with the space it allowed. It was also light weight which enabled me to fit more (just what I need right? haha).

I’m sure you all have heard about IT Luggage, and if you haven’t yet, you should! I was so excited to pack up my beautiful new stylish suitcases and utilize them on the road in Ireland! It made the traveling easier and eased a lot of stress!


Starting our road trip through Ireland was nothing short of exciting. We had planned out our jam packed trip with multiple stops each day just to make sure we got in everything that we wanted to see and explore. We honestly spend a third of our trip in the car and I’m not even sorry about it! The views were insanely beautiful, and the backroads became some of my favorite little spots, being quaint, quiet and unique. We unpacked and re-packed our car so many times, it made it so much easier to have durable luggage that held up to be able to do that! One of my favorite features were the built in side locks for the zipper! I am more on the paranoid side always thinking I am going to loose stuff or get things stollen, but it does happen, so having the locks on the sides of my bags eased my mind knowing my valuables were safe.

When you think of Ireland you sort of already have a generalized idea of what to expect, lots of green fields, sheep, rolling hills, pubs etc… well… it was everything I pictured and MORE.


We got to stay at some amazing places like the Heritage Hotel in Killenard that was on a stunning golf course and was literally in the middle of nowhere. I loved every second of that seclusive feeling. This five star hotel made us feel pampered! I felt like my suitcases matched that hotels personality and I fit right in which was so fun!

I really do love traveling in style. For the longest time I envied those people who had cute luggage but I never wanted or was able to spend the money on super expensive, cute, high quality luggage… also money that I would rather spend on our actual trip. IT Luggage believes the same thing! So they have designed beautiful affordable pieces of luggage. They have a plethora of options of stylish suitcases for everyone, from Light-Weight Soft bags to Casual bags or even my favorite, the Valiant Hard Shell suitcases in the cream color with almond trim which you can find {HERE}. I felt like I was traveling in luxury and had so many compliments on my bags! IT Luggage prides themselves off the the quality of their luggage and I am so thrilled with how well my luggage held up from the airlines and our whole road trip! I could not be happier!


Needless to say we had the BEST time touring through Ireland (not to mention driving on the opposite side of the road), visiting sites like Killenard, seeing fields of endless sheep, Wicklow Mountain National Park aka The P.S. I love you bridge & driving The Gap of Dunloe! We can’t wait to come back to this beautiful country that we fell in love with as soon as landed, grabbed our luggage and explored!


For more information on IT Luggage you can visit their site {HERE}.

For more information on the featured IT Luggage photographed you can find it on their website {HERE} or for purchase {HERE}

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