Boll & Branch // Featuring The NEW Hemmed Dune Sheet Set

You may have seen my previous post about how much I LOVE Boll & Branch after partnering with them for our “Pleasantly Pewter” look, (which  you can find {HERE}), and of course I will rave about them all day everyday since I haven’t slept better than I do now since we’ve had our Boll & Branch sheets!

So, I recently had the privilege of teaming up with Boll & Branch again! This time, to share with you a little about their BRAND NEW Hemmed Dune Sheet Set that they just introduced TODAY! Isn’t it so exciting!? The color is sensational and I am thrilled to share it with you all!


If you haven’t heard of Boll & Branch before, they are the first certified fair trade home brand company in the world. Boll & Branch provides HIGH-quality, toxin-free, 100% organic cotton bedding and linen products made from hand.

You can click {HERE} to read a little bit more about their story.

For those of you who have had problems finding good quality bedding in the past like I have, I can’t stress enough about how soft, smooth and comfortable their products are. I use my cable knit throw every single day and actually look forward to getting into a cozy bed with out having to worry about pilled sheets, or discoloration and the best part, these sheet have actually kept us cooler at night which has been a HUGE bonus! Now we don’t have to sleep with our air conditioner on… in the winter (haha)!


My husband and I have easily fallen head over heels for Boll & Branch and after sleeping on their sheets for a while now and knowing the quality they have to offer in their products, you can only imagine my excitement of styling and putting together this full bed look with their new dune sheet set. Not only is the color stunning, there are a plethora of ways to style the dune!

I mean c’mon isn’t the white and dune together beautiful? I felt like it was more than a perfect fit for this guest room!

Boll & Branch sent me over their gorgeous NEW Hemmed Dune Sheet Set which you can easily find {HERE}, along with the Hemmed White Standard & Euro Shams which you can easily find {HERE}.

Lets not forget about that clean minimal duvet cover! We seriously always just want to jump on our duvet and snuggle up in it, the cover makes it so comfy and cozy! You can find the Hemmed White Duvet Cover {HERE}.

I’ve said this before about this bedding and I will say it again, just a little word of caution: This luxurious bedding makes it that much harder to get out of bed in the morning… really!!


We obviously LOVE having breakfast in bed on the weekends and there really is no better way to do that than in the most comfort! The amazing cable knit throws that Boll & Branch has to offer are another favorite for us!

The one featured is the Driftwood Cable Knit Throw which you can find {HERE}.

I am so obsessed with the color of this throw I felt like it just tied the full bed all together with the dune and the white. It truly is a must have, I mean, I might just have to eventually get one in every color!


When purchasing your products from Boll & Branch, there are a lot of things you can expect. You can expect, high quality, comfort, and of course receiving your items in style! This company really does think of every detail and I truly appreciate that about a brand! You guys will immediately notice a difference from the time you open your beautifully wrapped boxes to months down the road of the the best sleep of your life!

Another thing I truly appreciate about Boll & Branch is that they are not only certified fair trade & use all organic cotton, but that they also donate a portion of their revenue to Not For Sale, an anti-human-trafficking organization. They directly source their cotton from fair trade certified mills in India where they have growing relationships with the farmers and factory workers. They value their skills and continue to employ many workers who now have safe work environments, benefits and are above the poverty lines due to increased wages and the being able to provide for themselves and their families. By employing workers in this type of environment, Boll & Branch has also helped reduce suicide rates and thats an amazing thing!

We truly enjoy supporting companies with a cause who are fair, ethical and who are actively making a difference in our world! It’s definitely something worth being spoken about!


Well there you have it, now you know just how much more obsessed I am with everything Boll & Branch! Its always an honor getting to partner with a company where you LOVE their products and believe in what they are doing so I will sing their praises all day long! Be sure to check out Boll & Branch to get your next bedding products {HERE}!

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